The cornerstone of AHA’s programs is the study of culture. Our foremost concern is to promote understanding and respect for different cultures - an important key to successful management and leadership in today’s multicultural workplace.

Passport to Culture (PTC) was developed primarily to inspire global connections and foster international understanding among you - our program participants. Learning to embrace diversity and showing respect for individual differences, bring about more effective interpersonal skills - considered as essential traits that all great leaders possess.

PTC compliments your existing courses and allows you to travel the world with AHA, as you learn about different countries and cultures while earning passport stamps along the way. The more activities and connections you make, the more stamps you receive in your passport. Extra credit points are earned on your final grade with AHA, based on the number of stamps you collect.

As you begin your cultural journey, we encourage you to travel with an open heart and mind. Communicate openly and effectively, and extend a warm hand of friendship to everyone with whom you connect along the way. Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

You may proceed to the AHA Customs and Global Connections Authority and have your Passport validated at anytime by simply clicking on the Passport to Culture tab at any time.